[LAU] [music] the relief

Jeanette C. julien at mail.upb.de
Wed May 24 05:45:36 UTC 2017

May 24 2017, Benoît Rouits has written:
> [*] http://brouits.free.fr/music/exmachina/the_relief.ogg
Hi Benoît,
if you hadn't told us that you hadn't intended the piece to end as it
does, I wouldn't have noticed. I like the introspective atmosphere of
the piece. And I simply loved the progression, the surprise, when you
went into the second section. It really gave your song an interesting

I also enjoyed the balanced, if minimal, arrangement. Yoshimi made a
nice touch there.

Thanks for sharing, please don't mind sharing other "unfinished" pieces.

Best wishes,


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