[LAU] new application

Harold Wasserman halwas01 at gmail.com
Thu May 25 16:55:30 UTC 2017

We are linux developers with no ALSA experience. We have an application
where we want to take 1 to 4 I2s streams, run them through a mixer, and
then output them in their original format on the same i2s streams. These
i2s streams are from one source but can represent 2-8 channels. These
streams can contain PCM (also multi channel PCM), all DTS and Dolby formats
up to HD (DTS-HDMA & Dolby True-HD). If there is an off the shelf audio
chip we can buy with ALSA support that can do the above, we would like to
use it. We might also need to mix in a microphone with ducking support
etc... any suggestions would be helpful.
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