[LAU] checking passive input frequencies on non Hi-Z connection

Wayne DePrince Jr. waynedpj at ingiro.xyz
Sat May 27 01:30:59 UTC 2017

ahoy all,

	first, thanks for all the informative and detailed replies.  this list
as always is a valuable resource.

	one quick follow up question as i digest all this: since it seems
whether i use a DI box, preamp or effect pedal (one of which i actually do not
currently have), the overall sentiment seems to suggest using something in the
passive electric/bass guitar signal chain before directly inputing into an
interface/mixer.  however, as i mentioned, some of these interfaces i am also
testing out (e.g. Edirol FA-66, Zoom U-44) have a Hi-Z button on an input
which supposedly allows direct inputing of a passive signal.  is this Hi-Z
button just enabling some internal DI box or preamp?  are there drawbacks to
using it instead of using an actual DI box, preamp, etc?  seems like just
another way to match that signal to something expected by the input, but again
i am still wading my way through all this.

	OK, thanks again for all your advice and help.

peace, w


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