[LAU] checking passive input frequencies on non Hi-Z connection

Tim Goetze tim at quitte.de
Sun May 28 08:28:57 UTC 2017

[Wayne DePrince Jr.]
>however, as i mentioned, some of these interfaces i am also
>testing out (e.g. Edirol FA-66, Zoom U-44) have a Hi-Z button on an input
>which supposedly allows direct inputing of a passive signal. 

High-quality DI employs an audio transformer, a relatively large and
heavy item.  It's very unlikely you'll find one in a general-purpose
audio interface built to sell in numbers.

To connect an electric guitar via USB, I'd choose an interface that
supplies phantom power and an active DI box.  Many people seem to be
happy with simpler solutions though.

Cheers, Tim

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