[LAU] changing ulimit from rc.local in order to start audio scripts from there

Athanasios Silis athanasios.silis at gmail.com
Mon Oct 9 18:15:05 UTC 2017

Hi there,
I have setup an audio system around jackd based on ubuntu studio (14.04
LTS). I have written various scripts to setup jackd and clients. It is
tested and up running. Now I would like to add a cmd in rc.local in order
for the whole system to be brought up at boot.

I tried

#set limits
su - nass -c "ulimit -r 95 -l unlimited" 2>&1 | tee -a  /tmp/audio.log

#verify limits
su - nass -c "ulimit -r -l" 2>&1 | tee -a  /tmp/audio.log

#boot audio stuff
su - nass -c "cd /home/nass/audio_setup/scripts ; bash ./cmdaudio start"
2>&1 | tee -a  /tmp/audio.log

However the ulimit "set" command fails with message
ulimit: real-time priority: cannot modify limit: Operation not permitted

I read that ulimits are not ready yet at this time. Is there a way to
forcefully "bring them up" in order to have them set for the user "nass"
before starting the audio scripts ??

Thank you
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