[LAU] Hardware Soundcard - MOTU 624 AVB Working with Gnu/Linux - Debian 8.7

Anders Hellquist lau at hellquist.net
Tue Oct 17 13:29:49 UTC 2017

I would expect Motu 8A to work out of the box

*Just somthing important for Class compliant usage. (IMHO)*

A heads up related to Class Compliant mode and Motu AVB devices

The latest firmware for Motu Ultralite AVB removed a setting where the user
could set the USB Mode and enable more than 24channel over USB
The total number of channels was restricted by Samplerate but if the mode
was set to 44k/48k1 it was possible to run up to 64channels over USB

This is no longer possible from latest firmware where 24channel is a hard
limit due to stability. If using windowsor OSX driver, extended channel
count is still available but not in CC mode.
I do not know if this is true for other Motu AVB devices but I would guess
it also aplies to them.

It is safe to downgrade the firmware and use the extended channel count but
new features and fixes to DSP-stuff and AVB stack (if there will be) will
probably only be implemented in the newer channel count restricted firmwares

Let hope they reimplement the setting later so the user can use more than
24 channel if neede.

Motu rep:
"That's correct. The latest firmware limited the channel count when using
the class compliant drivers. You can only access 64 channels when using the
Mac or Windows drivers that we provide on motu.com/download. If you're not
looking to use the driver, or are on an OS other than Mac or Windows, feel
free to downgrade to the previous firmware."


2017-10-10 16:35 GMT+02:00 Bernardo Barros <bernardo.barros at nyu.edu>:

> On 7/20/17 10:56, Paul Davis wrote:
>> Fully confirmed. Here using Debian Jessie. Complete plug-n-play
>> operation. Incredible.
>> I predict that within 4-5 years, every external audio interface will use
>> MOTU's web configuration model. It is *so* great, not necessarily in the
>> sense of being the best possible UI for this, but because IT JUST WORKS
> Is MOTU 8A a similar model? Would work just the same as the 624?
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