[LAU] ffado and new PC

David Kastrup dak at gnu.org
Tue Oct 17 17:54:21 UTC 2017

Len Ovens <len-ODU3Ot18rIYsV2N9l4h3zg at public.gmane.org> writes:

> On Tue, 17 Oct 2017, Mac wrote:
>> I built a new PC and installed Ubuntu Studio 16.04.
>> The PC has a firewire card.
> As firewire has been added to alsa, the alsa firewire drivers are
> loaded instead. So you should be able to see your device as an alsa
> device (check arecord -l). I have heard (though I have no FW HW) that
> the old FW drivers may still be more stable, but to use them you need
> to blacklist the alsa FW module(s) so that the old style FW kernel
> modules can load.

It depends.  I can use Ffado fine for the Mackie Onyx mixer Firewire
card even though Alsa also offers to access it (through snd_ox I think).
I had to blacklist the (not properly functioning for this card) snd_dice
driver for Ffado to be able to access an Alesis iO|14.

In general, when sound hardware is old enough to have been supported in
the heydey of Ffado, the Alsa drivers are more likely to be of
"afterthought" quality in my experience.

David Kastrup

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