[LAU] trying to get pitch bend to work

Bill Purvis bill at billp.org
Mon Sep 4 11:09:38 UTC 2017

In a rash moment I splashed out load of dosh and bought an Artiprog 
Instrument 1.
I play bass, and think it looks quite cool with this little thing 
playing nice low
notes. I've not used by 5-string for months now!

I have a couple of problems with it. The first is that Artiprog have not 
yet produced
a Linux version of the editing program that is used to set up the 
device. It comes with
four built-in devices, guitar, keyboard, violin and drums, and four 
programmable devices
which can be programmed to behave like any of the built-ins, but with 
lots of variants.

I want to use it as a fretless bass and have managed, by using by 
brother-in-law's Mac
to program one of the devices, so that problem is resolved, though I 
wish they'd
either bring out a Linux version or release the specs so I could write 
my own editor.

The second problem is the one I'm really looking for help with:

When it's programmed as a fretless bass, you press down the starting 
note and it sends
a MIDI Note-on event, then as you move up and down it sends pitch bend 
events. I've
checked using a midi monitor program and the events are all there, 
though they look
a bit on the slim side - about -3500 - +3500 rather than -8192 - + 8191. 
The problem is
they have no effect on the synth. I've been using Calf Fluidsynth, but 
tried the standard
Fluidsynth and Yoshimi, but with no joy. I have tried patching in midi 
commands to set the
pitch bend range to 12 (RPN 0,0, DATA 0,12) and tried the pitch_bend 
command in the
standard Fluidsynth but nothing doing not even a semitone shift.

Am I missing something here?


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