[LAU] Trying to start Aeous gives me seg faults

Francesco Ariis fa-ml at ariis.it
Mon Sep 18 11:41:05 UTC 2017

On Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 06:44:52PM -1000, david wrote:
> Starting Aeolus from command line returns this:
> Reading '/usr/share/aeolus/stops/Aeolus/definition'
> Reading '/home/david/.aeolus-presets'
> Segmentation fault

Hello David,
    I have Aeolus installed on debian stable (stretch) and it works.
Which aeolus version do you have, and which freetype version too?
Mine are:

    libfreetype6 - 2.6.3-3.2
    aeolus - 0.9.0-2

Do you have jackd installed?

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