[LAU] Motu AVB devices/Firmware update issues/better DONT update to 1.2.9

Anders Hellquist lau at hellquist.net
Tue Sep 19 22:34:25 UTC 2017

I filed a support request about this new limitation and the quick response
was unfortunately  not that hopeful.

The guy just stated that more than 24 channels over USB is only avaliable
when using the Windows or Machintosh driver and I would need to downgrade
to be able to use more.
I told him that there are a lot of users that are using Class compliant
OSes and this is a problem. Also told him to update the firmware Change log
to include a Warning that this will happen and also to update the FAQ

Asked him if we can expect more limitations for Class compliance mode down
the road and that this was something that had been nice to know before
purchasing in my case 2 interfaces.

No information on why this have changed or if it will be reintroduced later


2017-09-19 15:21 GMT+02:00 Peter Venus <mail at petervenus.de>:

> Dear List!
> this is my first post to this list, but the issues and solutions i faced
> with the MotuAVB devices plus the light push of a fellow linux-user made
> me subscribe to this list to share my experiences.
> I am a happy user of a Motu 24ao and Motu Ultralite AVB under
> Linux(Ubuntu 16.04) in combination with jack/cadence.
> almost everything went rather fine until i updated the firmware last
> week on my UltraliteAVB:
> the current firmware v1.2.9+479
> <http://cdn-data.motu.com/downloads/audio/AVB/firmware/
> io/170621/MOTU%20AVB%201.2.9%2B479%20for%20UltraLite%20AVB%
> 20and%20Stage-B16.update>
> (Release Date 2017-06-21) removes the possibility to change the USB-mode
> (44/48; 44-96; 44-192) ultimately disabling me to use more then
> 24channels via USB/class compliant.
> With the previous firmware v1.2.8+378
> <http://cdn-data.motu.com/downloads/audio/AVB/firmware/
> io/160901/MOTU%20AVB%201.2.8%2B378%20for%20UltraLite%20AVB%
> 20and%20Stage-B16.update>
> (Release Date 2016-09-01)this feature is still available, allowing for
> 64ch USB-i/o(44/48), 32ch USB-iO(44-96khz) or 24ch (44-192kHz).
> According to Motu and tested by myself, a downgrade of the firmware is
> possible without bricking the device.
> The sad truth is, that the users are locked to this firmware until motu
> brings back the feature to change the USB-Mode- unless one loves to
> settle with 24ch i/o between computer and device.
> regards,
> Peter
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