[LAU] 384kHz DAC - Monolith USB?

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Tue Apr 3 07:37:57 CEST 2018

On Tue, 3 Apr 2018 00:03:08 -0400, Chris Chronopoulos wrote:
>controversial claims by audiophiles notwithstanding... i'm somewhat
>interested in high-samplerate DAC's for the possibility of time domain
>multiplexing of multiple channels. 2 channels @ 384 kHz = 16 channels
>@ 48 kHz if you had a driver + external hardware to do the
>muxing/demuxing. of course you'd need some sort of "word select"
>embedded in the signal - perhaps you could do this with GPIO, or maybe
>use part of the 32 bits samples as metadata. wouldn't be easy, but i
>wonder if it's possible. anyway the first step would be getting a DAC
>like this to work with the host at these high sample rates, so if
>anyone has experience with that, i'd be curious to know.

There are far better ways to get 16 channels at 48 KHz via USB ;).
Consider to get one of those 8 channel USB devices + additional 8
channels by their ADAT and BNC sync features.

Btw. "With the Monolith USB DAC, you can turn any computer or laptop
into an audiophile playback device!" This could be done by 2 channels @
48 KHz and for doing this not only the DAC is important, also very
important is the analog headphone amp. "Improve your playback sound
quality from YouTube™", this says it all. YouTube uploads are known for
their high end audio quality ;). I don't know how good YouTube audio
could be, but the majority of uploads sounds like two supermarket
microphones were in front of the kitchen radio's speakers, to record

pacman -Q linux{,-rt{-securityink,-cornflower,,-pussytoes}}|cut -d\  -f2

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