[LAU] in search of IR response files

Bengt Gördén bengan at bag.org
Thu Apr 5 14:53:36 CEST 2018

Den 2018-04-05 kl. 14:19, skrev Daniel Swärd:
> On Fri, 2018-03-23 at 11:05 +0100, Ede Wolf wrote:
>> I am looking for response files for ir.lv2 - the only convolution reverb 
>> so far I have found working within ardour. Looking for natural, long, 
>> lush reverbs and thought to have found a good starting point with 
>> openairlib.net.
> Here's a cool one: http://www.balancemastering.com/blog/free-teufelsberg-nsa-lis
> tening-tower-impulse-responses-ir-irs-convolution/
> I don't know how it sounds, but it's from a quite interesting location. :-)

I believe it's echo from the cold war ;)

Will try when I get back home. Thanks.

> 	/Daniel
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