[LAU] OT: x42-autotune - Setting up with Jack

Chris Caudle chris at chriscaudle.org
Mon Apr 16 23:30:10 CEST 2018

On Mon, April 16, 2018 3:59 pm, bjorkj02 wrote:
> However, it appears this depends on installing JACK, and unfortunately the
> x42 README gives no further info. on what to do.  For example, should I
> install JACK1 or JACK2?  And once the best version of JACK is installed,
> what are the next steps?

The naming is confusing, but you want to install the Jack 2 binaries,
which are built from jack 1.9.12 source, and the installer is named
JackOSX 0.92_b3.
You can find that under the downloads link at http://jackaudio.org

This is a direct link:

There is a program installed along with the jackd server called
QJackControl, might be listed just as JackControl when installed on MacOS,
start that, it will guide you in picking the audio device you want to use,
sample rate, etc.  Hit start, it will start the jackd server for you.

After that start  the autotune application.  In the connections tab of
JackControl you should see new input ports and output ports from the
autotune app. Click on the signal you want to send to the first channel of
the autotune, click on the first input of the autotune entry, click the
connect button. Do the same for the second channel if you are tuning a
stereo source instead of single channel source.

First, though are you sure you have the X42 version of autotune?  The
original version was stand alone, called zita-at1, x42 (Robin Gareus) took
the original and wrapped it up as an LV2 plugin called fat-at1.lv2.  The
LV2 plugin format was developed on linux, Ardour on MacOS may support that
plugin format, I'm not sure, but I've never heard anyone mention LV2 on
MacOS, it at least can't be very common.

So make sure of what you have first to verify you really have what you
think you do, and if it is really the stand alone version it would
probably be zita-at1 from Fons Adriensen,

Chris Caudle

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