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I don't blame you for being annoyed, it definitely was Firefox that
pulled out the rug when (a) they abandoned ALSA for PulseAudio in
version 52 and now (b) Firefox just grabs the Audio interface without
bothering to get on board with any already running PulseAudio JACK
sink (and then has to be explicitly told it has to use it with
pavucontrol). It's nice that Arch custom packages it with extra
backends but that is no help to Debian, Ubuntu and derivatives.
Mozilla should simply ship with all backends enabled.

For any others reading there is more explanation here: 

and  page 86, 87 here: 


Yes some of the info is AV Linux specific but this generally works for
all Debian/Ubuntu distros..

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 > The official Arch Linux package was build with alsa and jack
 > enabled.
 > "[snip]
 > pkgname=firefox
 > pkgver=59.0.2
 > [snip]
 > ac_add_options --enable-alsa
 > ac_add_options --enable-jack
 > [snip]" -

 This would mean in turn that it's up to the post install script in
 firefox Ubuntu/Mint deb package to take care of an existing
 of the audio assignment and not to simply overwrite it with an assume
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