[LAU] Odd volume issue with jackd

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Mon Apr 23 20:23:12 CEST 2018


I've recently put together a (somewhat temporary) workstation. The
motherboard is an Asus M5A78L-M/USB3 and I'm using the onboard audio. I
don't know what the onboard audio hardware is, but it seems decent
enough (no audio glitches, no noise that I can hear on the output). I'm
running Arch Linux with the stock kernel.

I'm using jack2. I have a completely vanilla jackd set up, with
pulseaudio bridged (via Cadence). I have a separate machine that's
running (the exact same version of) jackd but using the net driver to
send audio to my workstation. I'm running jack_netsource on my
workstation to capture audio from the second machine.

Programs that are running on the second machine produce audio that
sounds loud on my workstation. Programs that are running on my
workstation directly produce audio that sounds almost inaudibly quiet.
It doesn't seem to be a program-specific issue. All of the
application-specific volume levels appear to be at 100% so I'd expect
consistent volume everywhere.

Why are programs on my workstation so much quieter? They're actually
quiet enough to be problematic on their own. It's evidently not a
hardware issue, because I can get the hardware to play loud enough
sound simply by producing audio on the second machine.

Is there some sort of master volume level per-machine that I can look
at? Any ideas what might be causing this?

Mark Raynsford | http://www.io7m.com

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