[LAU] vlc: A short audio glitch at the beginning, every time

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Thu Aug 2 08:05:56 CEST 2018

On 08/01/2018 07:57 PM, hollundertee at gmx.net wrote:
> On Wed, 1 Aug 2018 10:39:16 -0400
> jonetsu <jonetsu at teksavvy.com> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Everytime I start vlc to play an audio file there's a short glitch
>> over perhaps 500ms then afterwards everything's fine.  This happens
>> every single time vlc is launched to play an audio file.
>> Technically speaking, what would be the reason for such a recurrent
>> glitch ?
>> Cheers.
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> I think I hear that kind of glitch too. I haven't tried with VLC
> specifically, but I noticed it with other programs (e.g. OBS when I
> switch to a scene that plays music, some other programs). At first I
> suspected a broken file but I'm pretty sure that's not it. I guess
> in my case it's either an issue with OBS, the decoder or PA.
> I do get a pop before and after playing a file using mpv or vlc, which
> may be some PA connect/disconnect thing. I'd expect that to be entirely
> avoidable, but oh well...
> The skip a second or further in is weirder, I haven't noticed it in
> vlc. Can you give more detail, the song/format used, vlc version,
> Linux version? Maybe someone can reproduce.

Hmm, I've never heard such a glitch or skip, regardless of media format. 
But I don't have PA on my system.

I have separate issues with VLC: its window likes to hang when playing a 
playlist on my system, and it also likes to hang and become unresponsive 
when scanning my media collection.

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