[LAU] Live performance gear ideas?

Karen Lewellen klewellen at shellworld.net
Fri Aug 17 05:15:24 CEST 2018

Hi there,
Answers in context.

> define performance playback. cue-able ? pausable ? triggerable ? synced to
> some other time source?
Good question here and in the prior e-mail..from another person in Canada!
Will answer  as best I can, even though I cannot fully picture how some of 
what you reference here might work.
The tracks I use are  professional backing tracks.  At the most basic I 
would burn things to a cd in order, so pausable makes sense.   However the 
ability to say line up the  tracks, cue able?, and pause is another 
possibility, depends on how you physically define those terms I suppose.

> number of channels?
Forgive me if this sounds odd, but I am thinking stereo playback, not a 
board where I would say add instruments, plug in a keyboard etc...unless 
that is the only way to add the below.
> an amplifier or active speakers normally does the trick :)

Well yes, but as separate  speakers?  meaning this is now not compact but 
a portable studio? or is there a unit that might combine enough elements 

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