[LAU] Live performance gear ideas?

Roger gurusonic at gmail.com
Sat Aug 18 01:39:15 CEST 2018

On 18/08/18 07:40, Karen Lewellen wrote:
> But I did answer most of these questions.
> The tracks are prepared, I am not adding elements to them while 
> performing.
> Second, i spoke of pro level gear, which addresses the budget.
> Third I have said more than once it is for myself, my voice alone.
> Still perhaps a list is not the place for such a question,  my needs 
> are very basic and simple as most of the time I use people to make 
> music, a personal choice, not machines.
> Its a cd with songs on it, at the most basic level.   how does that 
> involve  extra software?

I refrained from answering earlier as I was unsure exactly what you 
wanted. So it's pro gear, vocal and line input for playback. Still not 
sure of the size spaces you intend to play.

A good option may be the QSC K8, K10, or K12 speakers. They have a 
built-in mixer for 3 inputs with XLR, 3.5mm jack or RCA sockets. I used 
the K10s at a loungeroom concert for 40 people with great results, 
although the K8s would have been good for that space. The sound quality 
is remarkably clear and powerful and they are very light (12kg for K8) 
for what they do. Several people remarked that the music playback in the 
interval between live acts was much better than their hifi!


Cheers, Roger

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