[LAU] Yet more music from the Rack

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Thu May 17 01:32:59 CEST 2018

Greetings !

On 05/16/2018 01:09 PM, jonetsu wrote:

>> https://soundcloud.com/davephillips69/spiralonial
> That one is nice.  I would incorporate that into a 'real' piece. :)

I know what you mean. I'm building a library of sounds and quasi-pieces 
created with Rack, at some point I'm likely to compose a piece built 
from that collection.

> How does the sequencer work ?

It generates a 5-track sequence distributed to five output channels, 
each of which has independent controls for length, "stride", 
transposition, clock, et cetera. Btw, the track display is generated as 
points traveling along five concentric circles. Interesting combinations 
of points and their directions yield complex and often useful results.

>     Is it possible to say that the
> decisions are solely made from the emulation of electrical circuits,
> hence derived from the play of components and voltages ?

I'm not deeply into how closely Rack emulates a true CV system, but I 
think your assessment is generally true. Some module devs use existing 
circuits and schematics as emulation models or as starting points for a 
new design.

> How much time did the setup took (connecting virtual wires and such) to
> produce this piece ?   How many wires were connected ?

I have a custom template file that includes the basic production setup. 
Typically I just add instrument components as I need them, i.e. 
oscillators, filters, submixers, et cetera.  I really can't say how long 
I worked on the patch, I just worked on it until it started to sound 
good to my ears, then I worked on it some more.

re: the wires. A lot. Dozens.

>> https://soundcloud.com/davephillips69/faux-machaut
> Nice sounds and rhythm.  It has to fade away since it's pretty much
> static.
> One could say that 'Spiralonial' is also static, but perhaps by the use
> of the harmonies and rhythms, it does not come cross as much as 'Faux
> Machaut'.

Agreed. Spiralonial's harmonic formula is transposed occasionally, and 
its rhythms are motoric. By comparison Faux Machaut meanders, though in 
a pretty way, I think.

Best regards,


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