[LAU] 384kHz DAC - Monolith USB?

Ede Wolf listac at nebelschwaden.de
Tue May 22 19:33:00 CEST 2018

> Their analog circuitry around it is good and

Well, the analog frontend is in fact the most critical component and the 
one that requires most knowhow and enables RME to put out rather 
complete specification. In comparrison at least.
F.e. I have not seen too many soundcards around that provide frequency 
response as data, at least for selected products, though I happily stand 
corrected - I am not married to RME at all and welcome alternatives. 
Lynx does so as well, but has no linux support afaik. Haven't checked 
focusrite f.e.

Wether this data matters or not, may be up for debate and numbers make 
no sound, but it should be mentioned.

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