[LAU] Using the Zoom H5 as a audio interface under Linux

Jeanette C. julien at mail.upb.de
Tue May 29 01:45:38 CEST 2018

Hey hey Faheem,
I'm no expert, but I've used an H4 and other stuff with Linux.
May 29 2018, Faheem Mitha has written:
>     May 28 21:38:01 orwell kernel: [1505026.660071] usb 11-1: Warning! 
> Unlikely big volume range (=4294967295), cval->res is probably wrong.
Maybe you can set appropriate recording and playback volume on your
Zoom, there are hardware controls, right? Your system just doesn's get
what the Zoom is saying about volume, if it is saying anything. Could be
hardware only control.
> The H5 is also showing up in `pavucontrol`. The configuration section
> offers various options. I'm not sure which one to choose - the options
> are:
> Analog Stereo Output + Multichannel Input
that sounds fine. Not even sure if the H5 has digital output?
Does it say S/PDIF or Digital out somewhere on the device? Do you use
that? This sounds save enough for a start.
> If I choose `Multichannel Input`, then it shows up in `pavucontrol`
> under `Input Devices`, but the volume level (or whatever it is called)
> for that device stays at zero.
See the quoted kernel warning above. Hopefully you'll get a professional
answer. For now: really try the hardware volume controls (buttons,
knobs,...) on the Zoom.

Have you tried playing back audio through your Zoom? The H4 could be set
to a certain samplerate, when hooking it up to the computer, say 44.1kHz
and then you could use aplay - or another player - to play a ripped CD
track or something to it.
> And finally, can someone exactly what an "audio interface" means,
> exactly?
For your purpose: audio interface = soundcard. It's a piece of hardware
that can play and/or record audio. It's just more general than
soundcard. The Zoom is not a card. Other examples: those USB/firewire
boxes, mixers with direct USB audio support, even some powerful
keyboards/synthesizers. I'm sure there is an official definition
somewhere, but this should do for your case.

Best wishes,


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