[LAU] death by ogg vorbis

David Kastrup dak at gnu.org
Tue Nov 6 21:17:50 CET 2018

Chris Cannam <cannam at all-day-breakfast.com> writes:

> On Tue, 6 Nov 2018, at 19:29, Paul Davis wrote:
>> I've repeated this "experiment" at least 4 times so far. Playing a single
>> track from the Yuseef Kamal album effectively crashes my
>> logitech/squeezebox system 
> When you say "a single track", do you mean a particular track
> (e.g. the first) or any track from the album?
> I know that the name Yusuf Kamaal appears on the cover in the Arabic
> alphabet as باستكمال as well as in the Roman alphabet. Is it possible
> the track metadata also has right-to-left text in some field?

You mean, some column or character counts might be confused with byte

Perhaps running with


would make a difference then?  Or something corresponding to Latin-1
rather than UTF-8?

David Kastrup

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