[LAU] Ecasound audio looping

Joel Nash joelnash at xuuki.co.uk
Thu Oct 11 13:26:08 CEST 2018


I'm looking for ecasound experts,

I’m using csound to write audio files that I then mix with ecasound. I want
to know more about how ecaound reads the audio files.

What I tried in ecasound was -audioloop so that the same file is read over
(simple enough). I’ll then make adjustments to this file and whilst
maintaining the same name on the same path for that file and then recompile
csound to essentially make a new file. When ecsound “realises” this it has
to stop? I then have to exit and reopen ecasound and play the file again.

Is it possible to have ecasound just continue reading the file thats named
in the command? what makes stop reading the file?

...perhaps before ecasound loops again it can reload the file into the
buffer to I don't can to hit command interrupted and restart the engine
each time I make an edit to the file thats looping?

I hope this is clear enough of an idea here.

Many many, thanks
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