[LAU] [ANN] Introducing ardour2fxp

Christopher Arndt chris at chrisarndt.de
Fri Oct 19 20:57:11 CEST 2018


Convert an Ardour VST presets XML file to VST2 FXP preset files.

What is it?

The Open Source DAW Ardour saves user presets for VST plugins in its own
XML format. Unfortunately, most proprietary DAWs expect presets for VST2
plugins as FXP files. This makes it very hard to share presets for VST2
plugins between users of Ardour and those propietary DAWs.

The ardour2fxp script converts Ardour VST preset files to FXP preset
files, so they can be imported when using the same plug-ins in another DAW.

Where to get it?


or via pip:

    pip install ardour2fxp

How to use?

After installation, the ardour2fxp script can be used like this:

    ardour2fxp ~/.config/ardour5/presets/vst-1094861636 my-presets

This will create an FXP (extension .fxp) file for every preset in the
Ardour preset file (vst-1094861636 in the example above). FXP files will
be put into sub-directories of the output directory given as the second
command line argument (my-presets in the example). The FXP files will be
named after the preset label (with spaces replaced with underscores) and
the sub-directories will be named after the plug-in identifier
(1094861636 -> "ABCD" in the example).

*Share & Enjoy*

Christopher Arndt

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