[LAU] [New music]: Edgar and the fog (bigband)

Jeanette C. julien at mail.upb.de
Fri Oct 26 11:35:22 CEST 2018

Oct 26 2018, Robert Vogel has written:

> It would be easier to figure out what you intend if you had included the 
> score.
Oh, the samples aren't that bad, nor is my performance, even though it
might have been a bit better. :)
> Musescore is excellent software that would allow you to show instruments that 
> you really intend.
I can't use musescore, something you might not know, I'm blind. I could
do it in Lilypond, if I were so inclined. Besides, I didn't write a
> We could figure it out from there.
Hm, am I to be insulted now? You wouldn't be saying that the combination
of my performance, sound set and mixing is so bad that the end result is
a complete mess? :) Really, mostly just winding you up.
> Ifyou have copyright concerns, you could say so.
I don't, as I say, I didn't score, not even in MIDI. To counter the
effect of the rather static samples a bit, I played every single line
live and in audio. I could have played it live in MIDI, but with my
setup it would have meant running each track a second time. With so many
outboard tracks from one source that would be awkward.

I'm a bit sorry that my reply was slightly satirical. But by the words
alone it sounded very much so that you thought the resulting song so low
grade that it practically failed. It probably wasn't your intention,
words alone can sometimes be misleading.

Best wishes,


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