[LAU] Impulse Resonance Reverbs

Jeanette C. julien at mail.upb.de
Sat Sep 1 20:15:00 CEST 2018

Sep 1 2018, hgn has written:

> Hello LAU list,
> I would like to get an overview what impulse resonance reverbs exist in 
> Linux, in which format and which is the highest quality (sound & 
> performance).
Hi there,
to answer you other question first: they are called impulse response
reverbs or IR for short. They are also known as convultion reverbs,
since that is what is done with the IR.

There are quite a few: jconvolver is a standalone program, I believe
there is also a GUI version of that. The guitarix suite of plugins packs
an IR reverb plugin in LV2 (and maybe LADSPA) format. There is also
ir.lv2, another LV2 plugin. You might also be able to run a few VST IR

All these reverbs, that I know, load plain audiofiles of the IR
(wav/aiff). Some of
these programs come with a few IRs packaged alongside. If you search for
impulse responses you will find a lot of free ones on the net of all
kinds of rooms. I'd say most of them are churches, possibly followed by
concert and theatre halls. But there are all kinds of more unique

I wouldn't know if any one of the named ones is known to be particularly
inefficient, but at a guess I'd say: no. They should all be fine. It may
be a question of further features inside the plugins, like filtering or
manipulation of the IR to adapt the reverb.


Best wishes,


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