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Set Hallstrom public at sakrecoer.com
Mon Sep 24 14:15:23 CEST 2018

On 2015-03-16 23:51, Wayne DePrince Jr. wrote:
>> ahoy all,
>> 	i have been doing some research into free/libre software and/orservices for music distribution.  my preferences are a *customizable*
> static HTML+CSS+JavaScript site (e.g. like the current crop of static
> site generators https://staticsitegenerators.net ) that i can host
> myself which allows streaming and free/libre downloads of
> releases/tracks.  basically i am looking for a simple static site
> generator that is album/track/audio aware, though i am open to any
> solutions available.>
>> 	my current list is small and all save one require a full-blown CMS+DBinstall:
>> * Pushtape http://pushtape.com
>> - currently only Drupal based
>> * CASH Music platform http://cashmusic.org
>> - PHP+DB requirement for self hosting
>> - also available as a free/beer service hosted by CASH Music withembeddable widgets
>> - currently no streaming support
>> * WordPress
>> - there are some freemium plugins for hosting a music store, etc. butagain i am trying to avoid the setup+maintenance of a full CMS
>> * indieTorrent https://indietorrent.org
>> - online only service
>> - very interesting/cool manifesto https://indietorrent.org/docs/manifesto/
>> - not lots of activity but still kickinghttps://indietorrent.org/4rum/viewtopic.php?f=1&p=39#p39
>> - not specifically for self hosting but as it is open source it couldbe done
>> others (ReverbNation, Jamendo, Magnatune, Bandcamp, Bandpage,thesixtyone, etc) are all either non-libre, non-self hosting, etc.
>> 	if anyone has any items to add to this list, experience with aservice, homemade solutions, etc. i would appreciate them sharing it.  i
> figure since we all go through various amounts of trouble to follow our
> principles/passions/whatever by using free/libre tools when making
> music, sharing it would be no different.>
>> thanks, w
>> _______________________________________________

Been a while since i wrote something here. I do read though :) Anyways i
was just reminded of this old thread and have a reason to dust it off. \o/

I've run a creative commons net-label for about 8 years. Nothing special
i suppose and it's been quiet for about 5 years. But i recently decided
to revamp it and explained a long time wish to my good friend Lynn. A
couple of days later he came up with this goodness:

It's a node.js app that renders a folder of audio files into a jekyll
friendly layout, exporting all the ID3 info (ALL of it) including the
cover art, musicbrainz specific tags, etc... Since every track gets a
front-matter that includes previous and next song, it becomes super easy
to render a HTML5 enabled player. And since jekyll has a very sweet
template system, the layout is only limited by your imagination.

It's licensed with The Unlicense, so you are free to do whatever you
want with it!

Hope it serves someone

Stay awesome y'all!

Set Sakrecoer

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