[LAU] [Music]: A jazz, chanson, musique de meublement album

Jeanette C. julien at mail.upb.de
Fri Aug 2 02:51:53 CEST 2019

Hey hey,
The Erfurt Sketches 2 was composed and recorded back in November of last year, 
mostly durning a three day visit to Erfurt. The tracks were recorded in the 
following week or two. They weren't published, because really one song was 
missing. It is left that way in the version up now:
The album is divided into two parts: the first four tracks give a 
light-hearted, playful impression of the scenery and events. The Lutherstiege 
and Novembernebel von der Gera, maybe even Roonie Spice, might fall under the 
heading of furniture music. The second half is dedicated to one special person 
alone and goes much deeper, turning to a darker and sadder page.

Technically speaking this album is simple: a commercial piano sample, a 
drumkit mixed and matches, a free bass soundfont and setBfree. Add jconvolver 
with a few good IRs and Nama to bring it all together.

Feedback, as ever, is very much appreciated and in the meantime I hope that 
you enjoy the music and your summer holidays, if you have that luxury.

Best wishes,


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she's a star
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