[LAU] Audio performance in guest VM (MS-Win) on Linux host

bdutta banibrata.dutta at gmail.com
Sat Aug 10 10:34:57 CEST 2019


Is anyone aware of any comparative study of various hypervisors (KVM,
VMware, Virtualbox) running Windows guests, on Linux hosts -- in respect of
quality of audio software, in terms of latency, jitter, glitches etc. Based
on my reading, I've understood that accuracy and reliability of the timer
interrupt available to guest kernel (in VM) should not be expected to be
equal to same on bare-metal. However, are there some hypervisors
(workstation oriented), that are better than others in this regard ?

The question is in context of need to run some Windows software which
doesn't work well under WINE (even with WineASIO, various recommended WINE
tricks applied), and I find the need to setup/maintain a dual-boot
environment too cumbersome, as I do 90% of my work in Linux.


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