[LAU] laptop confused: no sound with headphones in

Atte atte at youmail.dk
Mon Dec 9 19:58:11 CET 2019


I have a laptop running debian 10. Sometimes it gets confused with a mini-jack in headphones and mutes audio. It seems to be something automatic that goes wrong, since 1) pulling the mini-jack makes the sound come out of the speakers just fine (putting it back in mutes audio again etc)and 2) a reboot fixes it. 

I tried writing a script that un-mutes everything I can see and turns it up, but to no avail:

amixer set 'Master' 100% unmute
amixer sset -c 0 'Master' 100% unmute
amixer sset -c 0 'Headphone' 100% unmute
amixer set -c 0 'Speaker' 100% unmute
amixer set -c 0 'PCM' 100%

I'd like to know what's causing this and most importantly: any solution or work-around would be great!

I know it's a long shot, but maybe someone can recognize this and point me in a more constructive direction?

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