[LAU] systemd woes with jackd and its permissions (raspbian)

al3xu5 / dotcommon dotcommon at autistici.org
Fri Feb 1 14:04:40 CET 2019

Il giorno giovedì 31/01/2019 12:22:48 +0100
David Runge <dave at sleepmap.de> ha scritto:

> On 2019-01-31 10:03:56 (+0100), al3xu5 / dotcommon wrote:
> > Being systemd a complete nightmare (which turns your machine to a
> > windows-like system), simply stop using it and migrate to a
> > systemd-free system.  
> Everyone's entitled to their opinion I guess, [...]

First of all, I will not reply on the personal level, either because I do not
think it's worth it, and also because I prefer to let each one make his own
evaluations about the content and motivations behind the personal
considerations that are addressed to me.

I would just like to specify that:
- I am not involved in any way and I have no personal interest either with
Devuan or with any other distribution;
- that I have no "religious" prejudice against systemd: so much so that I
recognize without problems that it is necessary to improve the init systems and
that in this sense a project like systemd is shared, but I do not understand
why I should not be able to think and say that for me its implementation (which
is actually much more extensive and "intrusive" than just the init system) is
wrong in many respects;
- I do not understand why we can not discuss the pros and cons of a
distribution or any software with respect to the audio subsystem, as we do, for
example, to WM and DM or to the graphic software management and configuration
interfaces .

Ok. I have already said too much and I apologize if I have bored or wasted any
time who has read so far. For me, this discussion is closed.


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