[LAU] [Music]: Cooking Meth (an experiment)

Jeanette C. julien at mail.upb.de
Fri Jan 4 12:27:20 CET 2019

Jan 4 2019, Bill Purvis has written:
> Tell us more about it...
Thanks Bill. Glad you liked it.

OK, so this was an experiment in sound. My friend has a bit of vintage
hardware and I was interested how good a modern tune you could produce
with that. Btw. this time recording was done in Ardour.

So the hardware list reads as follows:
kick body: Dave Smith Instruments Mopho (quite modern)
Kick click, snare, hihats, clap: Korg Volca Beats
Lower pluck (left): Moog Sub37
Very high pluck (clear in the intro): Behrionger Model D (MiniMoog copy)
Mid pluck (right): ARP Odyssey (Model 2813, IIRC)
Bass and Noise: TTSH (modern recreation of the ARP 2600 - with bleed and
everything :) )
String pad: Godwin string ensemble
Strings stabs: ARP/Eminent Solina
Lead sounds: ARP Pro Soloist (horn and electric guitar with octave
leaver between mid and up)
Toms: Rotor toms (no samples were hurt in this track :) )

The most difficult bit in the production was to remove all the noise and
hum. Overall though, I was surprised how very well they managed.
Especially the TTSH was amazing. What a bass and how agressive this can

All in all, it was a very enjoyable experience, including the fact that
I could for once concentrate on sound design and performing. It's good
to have a recording engineer. Hopefully, I'll have another opportunity
to go back there and do something a little more fancy. :)

Best wishes,


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