[LAU] Beat slicing

Olivier Humbert trebmuh at tuxfamily.org
Fri Jan 4 15:12:22 CET 2019

Hi Josh,

> Is there an app that is good for beat slicing that is currently
> maintained?  At one time I used Freecycle
> (http://freecycle.redsteamrecords.com/), but it's no longer in the
> Debian repos.  I'm looking for a tool that will allow me to load up a
> loop of some length and auto-detect slices based on transients (or
> some other condition) and export those slices to wav files.  Doing
> this manually works fine, but having something to shave a little time
> off the process would be nice.

Beside Shuriken, you might also be interested of taking a look at :
- https://objectivewave.wordpress.com/beatslash-lv2/ (maintained)
- http://hitmuri.net/index.php/Software/Tranches (unmaintained but still 
building & working on a Debian Stretch)
- maybe the new ZamGrain plugin from 
https://github.com/zamaudio/zam-plugins (not sure if it would fulfill 
your needs tho)

Hope that helps.

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