[LAU] project "droning" v.2 released!

Louigi Verona louigi.verona at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 09:59:51 CET 2019

Dear Linux Audio community!

For many years I have been releasing my "droning" pieces on this
mailinglist, and your support had been amazing!

Today I have big news about project "droning": after several weeks of work,
I have brought it to a new level.

*What has changed:*

1. All tracks have been remastered. This is especially important for
earlier dronings. A number of fixes has been made to tracks that needed
fixing, and a couple of dronings were completely re-rendered from sources.
2. No more weirdly quiet tracks. All dronings are amplified to normal LUFS
and also feel equally loud between themselves.
3. All tracks have been given titles.
4. Both mp3 and flacs have correct metadata (I am in the process of
finalizing the reupload of new flacs to Bandcamp).

*New release:*

Additionally, you will find the previously missing dronings 277 and 280
present in the list of mp3. droning280, "Twilight Connection", has been
released for the public only now. So, if nothing else, go grab this new
tune now! :)

As usual, project "droning" is located here:

Again, thank you for the amazing support that I have received from you over
the years. I hope project "droning" will continue to be enjoyed by ambient
lovers all over the world!

Louigi Verona
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