[LAU] mod-host (or lilv) issues: failed to map segment from shared object

Jeanette C. julien at mail.upb.de
Thu Jan 24 09:33:34 CET 2019

Hey hey,
since my system upgrade (Arch Linux) last night, I have issues with mod-host 
or liblilv. The following error - or variants thereof - appears:
lilv_lib_open(): error: Failed to open library 
(/usr/lib/lv2/lsp-plugins.lv2/lsp-plugins-lv2.so: failed to map segment from 
shared object)
can't get lilv instance
resp -102

With the calf vocoder it's libfreetype.so.6 and the segment from shared 

Can anyone hint at the origin or point to good possibilities?

I did reinstall mod-host and the calf plugins just now, in case something got 
mixed up. No change before and after.

Best wishes and thanks,


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