[LAU] jack persistent connections FAQ link

Peter P. peterparker at fastmail.com
Tue Jan 29 10:43:55 CET 2019

Paul, Elijah, everyone,

thanks for your suggestions! I went with jack_plumbing.
Can anyone confirm that jack_plumbing will need to be started before the
applications which it is about to manage? It does not manage connections
already made? I am on the lookout for a way to start jack, jack_plumbing
and a jack-aware application on the command line and restart each of
them should they crash/die and restore connections no matter in which
sequence the three come up again. It seems jack_plumbing needs to be
started after jackd but before applications it is supposed to manage.
I am afraid I have to write a script using jack_connect then.

For handling of jack connections on headless machines/command line, I am
looking for the best way to make connections once an application has
been started or restarted. It would be great if applications could
generally honor environment variables like
	$ JACK_PORTS=system:playback_1 mediaplayerapp
but I suppose that implementation is up to the application programmers.

* Elijah Abdul Rahman <elijahjuanye at gmail.com> [2019-01-29 06:19]:
> An application I've been using is called aj-snapshot. In my script I use
> where I start jack I also run aj-snapshot. Whenever an application or
> device is connected if it's had previous connections before. My connections
> get re-connected.
Thanks Elijah, will look into aj-snapshot in comparison to jack_plumbing
as well.

cheers, P

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