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I've been using xjadeo with mp4 files from kdenlive. 1080p 24FPS and my 
session @ 48kHz. I don't remember the name of the preset, but it's 
something like FullHD.

Note that the sessions I'm speaking about last 10 or 15 minutes max.

All the best.


Le 31/01/2019 à 11:12, Adrienne Teicher a écrit :
> Hello,
> I'm hoping that someone on this list is an xjadeo/kdenlive expert and 
> can help me out. I also posted in the kdenlive forums.
> I have not been able to find a rendering format this is compatible 
> with xjadeo. The error xjadeo gives is
>     Index Error. File is not suitable.
> I read that this has something to do with "index frames".
> A workaround I have is to export the project in kdenlive, and then 
> convert it in handbrake with their "Vimeo Youtube HQ 1080p60 preset". 
> The reason why this works seems to be the following text in the "More 
> Settings:" in Handbrake:
>     keyint=30:min-keyint=15:ref=1:bframes=2:b-pyramid=none
> I tried to create a preset in kdenlive with the above settings in 
> Parameters. It worked when I ran a test on a short (ca. 1 minute) 
> video, but the same error above occurs when i export a longer (ca. 1 
> hour) video.
> Does anyone have an idea of a failsafe format for xjadeo from kdenlive?
> Thank you!
> Adrienne
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