[LAU] Some Linux related music stuff

Jostein Chr. Andersen jostein at vivaldi.net
Sun Jun 2 22:43:42 CEST 2019

Hi Friends!

I've been more or less absent from this list the last years (oh, so many 
new names here!) but do want to say hi again and maybe share some songs 
and projects with you. I'm currently making a living with music (mostly 
as a mixing engineer), which in my case means that I'm too often totally 
broken, but things are slowly getting better and better. I do all my 
work on Kubuntu with the KXstudio repos connected to it. Well, here we 

My self: A Journey

I love, play and works with almost any kind of music. This is a sort of 
musical shamanic drum journey. If the beginning is too boring, just 
start from around 2 minutes. I'm playing guitars, bass, and drums ( + 
drum sequencing) here. DAW: Mixbus32C. Video edited in Kdenlive. Yes, 
the video is a real amateur work, but that's the way it is.


Malin Larsson: Hälsingevalsen

Malin was in my small studio and recorded a demo cover for the Swedish 
folk-inspired song, Hälsingevalsen. I play all instruments here as well. 
DAW: Mixbus32C. Video edited in Kdenlive.


Ola Stinnerbom: Sapmi Power

Ola is a South Sami native and yoiks to traditional, EDM (as this song 
is) and many other music genres. I mixed and mastered the whole album 
this song belongs to and several singles he has done. Mixed in 


I'm now starting to get my own stuff out, so stay tuned, and: enjoy!


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