[LAU] Purr Data participation in GSoC 2019

Jonathan Wilkes jon.w.wilkes at gmail.com
Mon Mar 4 22:25:51 CET 2019

Hello Linux audio,

    I am the maintainer of Purr Data, a fork of Pd that focuses on
usability and ships with lots of external libraries. We're doing our
second year of Google Summer of Code, and I'd like to put a call out
for anyone here who is in college to apply to be a student with our
organization this year.

Our GSoC organization page is here:


There are opportunities to work on code in C, C++, Javascript, Lua,
Python, and probably any other language that can interface with C.

If you use Pd please keep in mind the possibility of doing a project
by writing in Pd itself. Pd is a programming language, and it's
possible to use it to write fully-functioning libraries for both DSP
and general purposes. So if you've ever written or performed using Pd,
do consider the possibility of participating in GSoC this year with


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