[LAU] Amp / speaker combo for Piano

audio at fn.de audio at fn.de
Wed Mar 6 16:19:06 CET 2019

On Thu, 7 Mar 2019 00:01:41 +1100, Roger wrote:
>On 6/3/19 7:00 pm, audio at fn.de wrote:
>> I don't think you need to compare them with speakers that provide
>> more Watt.  
>Numbers don't tell you how a speaker sounds.

I agree on that. Comparison regarding the sound makes sense. My point is
just that I expect speakers > 150 W and <= 500 W grant the wanted sound
intensity and the OP doesn't risk that a speaker blows.

Not accurate, but a good rule of thumb:

"There are no similar loudspeaker power handling regulations in the US;
the problem is much harder as many loudspeaker systems have very
different power handling capacities at different frequencies (e.g.,
tweeters which handle high frequency signals are physically small and
easily damaged, while woofers which handle low frequency signals are
larger and more robust)." -

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