[LAU] New 'acoustic metamaterial' cancels sound

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Fri Mar 8 09:42:53 CET 2019

On Thu, 7 Mar 2019 22:10:17 -1000, david wrote:
>It's also the first creation of such a thing.

That is a fair point.

Anyway, serious scholars at least should provide a working environment,
even if it should be shit, such as an Amazone drone. Nowadays way to
many academics (independent of the gender) blow up daring fantasias.
Just yesterday I turned off a television production. Several
researchers (including the murderer of Pluto) talked about a new 9th
planet. I couldn't stand those far-fetched claims (lies), such as the
new 9th planet might be a super-Earth, with possible moons, where life
forms might exist. It's fair to be a dreamer, but unfair to lie, just
to get money from less intelligent people, for less relevant research,
than the research we really need regarding damage limitation/to
hopefully fix all the lies from the past. Before we use new plastic
equipment for noise reduction of Amazone drones delivering pumps, we
should consider to tidy the Pacific trash vortexes.

Just my 2 Cents

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