[LAU] sound devices usb pre 2. usb 2 with 96k

Hans Wilmers hanswil at notam02.no
Thu Mar 21 12:59:20 CET 2019

On 21/03/2019 04:12, Chris Caudle wrote:
> On Wed, March 20, 2019 8:25 pm, list wrote:
>> useless expensive paper weight with Gnu/Linux.
> That is an exaggeration.  A device is not  useless just because it cannot
> record at 96k sample rate.  At 48K sample rate it is still a high quality
> interface in a small form factory, in a high quality (durable) case with
> useful metering.

I second that. Good quality analog limiters also, and the thing is a
dream to work with.

/ Hans

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