[LAU] Berlin Linux Audio meeting @ c-base 2019-11-12

Roger gurusonic at gmail.com
Tue Nov 12 22:08:48 CET 2019

On 13/11/19 12:11 am, Daniel Swärd wrote:
> On Tue, 2019-11-12 at 13:37 +0100, Louigi Verona wrote:
>> What DSP quality means would depend on the function discussed. EQuing
>> and compressing each have their own DSP challenges.
>> In around 2010 a sound engineer that helped me a little bit with my
>> album assessed the Linux EQ plugins and found most of them to be
>> unusable due to them generating noisy artifacts. He did single out a
>> couple of plugins which seemed to do the job well. If I remember
>> correctly, it was this one. Unfortunately, I have noticed this myself
>> when producing ambient. Using Zyn EQ, for example, would generate a
>> light hiss that I had to later clean out after render.
> Ah, ok, then I understand what you mean. :-)
>> But obviously, experts should look into this, and I think this
>> conversation could be useful.
> I guess Robin can weigh in on this.

This would be an interesting subject for testing and discussion.

I use the EQ10Q plugins you linked and they seem to work well, 
particularly the EQs and gate. X42 plugins work nicely along with most 
of the Harrison ones. AVLinux includes hundreds of plugins and it's 
impossible to try them all although I've been pleasantly surprised by 
some previously unknown ones such as TAL and Dragonfly reverbs.

Some other plugins I've tried and abandoned quickly because they just 
sound bad. Hard to tell whether that's bad DSP or just unwieldy controls 
that that make it difficult to achieve the desired result.

Some actual scientifically valid testing would be illuminating rather 
than just perception of quality as a user.

Cheers, Roger

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