[LAU] RME Babyface Pro questions

bernard bernard at tressol.fr
Wed Nov 13 19:00:53 CET 2019

Some class compliant USB devices have now an agnostic mixer/panel 
control over ip, like the Motus AVB range.

But not all... On the high end it would be cool to test the Antelope 
range (Zen, ...) that have such a mixer in browser.


Le 13/11/2019 à 16:04, Brent Busby a écrit :
> Yes, I know, I'm resurrecting an old thread...
> I'm starting to find it frustrating that I don't have more control of
> routing on the control panel of the Babyface.  My main computer has a
> Multiface II, which lets me use hdspmixer to get all the same things
> TotalMix would give you on Windows/MacOS, including routing that can do
> anything, and I'm used to being able to setup any monitoring I want.
> But that's a now-defunct breed of interface, which has a PCI-E host
> card, a real Linux driver, and a nice GUI mixer application for Linux.
> But because the Babyface is a class-compliant USB device that doesn't
> have a real Linux driver or mixer app of its own, I can only do what the
> control panel allows.  What I'd like to do is have a mono input on
> channel 1 routed to the headphones on both sides (left/right), so it
> isn't all in one ear, while a stereo signal coming in on channels 3&4 is
> sent as stereo a pair to the headphones at the same time.  As far as I
> can tell, it only handles inputs in stereo pairs, and I haven't found a
> way to send a single channel to both sides.  I'm sure on Windows/MacOS,
> the TotalMix application would let you do this.
> This opens the larger question of where Linux recording is going now
> that it seems interfaces with PCI-E host cards are becoming scarce, and
> things seem to be moving toward all interfaces being USB.  Aside from
> USB having latency issues we never suffered from PCI cards, what is this
> going to mean when the Linux solution for every interface becomes, "Just
> run in class-compliant mode," when that will not give you much control
> over monitoring in situations like this.  Maybe I should have gotten a
> digital mixer, since that would connect to the computer as a
> class-compliant device, but mixing and monitoring would truly be handled
> on-board.
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