[LAU] RME HammerFall user moving to a laptop...

Mario Lang mlang at delysid.org
Sun Nov 24 19:32:20 CET 2019


For years, I used an RME HammerFall under Linux.  I love this card, but
I finally goota say goodbye to PCI.  What USB/ThunderBolt multichannel
card with mixing/routing capabilities would you recommend?  I have been
out of the loop regarding semipro soundcard for many years now, so I
would be happy about some tips that get me started on choosing a device.
I mostly need analog channels.  Ideally with a lot of headroom, since I
might be feeding it with quite hot signals (eurorack).
I have heard there are also mixers these days that work as a
multichannel soundcards.  Maybe that might be interesting.
However, I will only be using it with linux, so I am really looking for
something that is known to work nicely.
Will be using it with JACK and SuperCollider.


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