[LAU] midi to cv: can't get below 5ms delay

Atte atte at youmail.dk
Mon Apr 6 09:39:15 CEST 2020

Hi all!

I'm running reaper 6.05 on a raspberry pi 4 running raspbian/debian buster. I can't get rid of the last 5ms of latency between the midi note send and the trigger of my midi-to-cv interface (controlling my modular).

I played around with buffer settings in jack and the delay gets smaller as I decrease the buffer. However, no matter how low I set the buffer size, the "offset output to this device" in the preferences will not make the delay less than 5ms.

My setup is like this: reaper -> midi mate ii (usb midi interface) -> midi splitter -> cv.ocd (midi to cv interface) gate out -> soundcraft mtk 22 (mixer with usb audio interface). I also tested with the midi splitter out of the picture, same results.

I realize there will always be some delay, what surprises me, it that I can't adjust the delay so lo that the midi note and the recorded trigger align. With offset at 0 I get 15 ms delay with "reasonable audio buffer", adjusting the offset even to -100ms will still give me the trigger 5ms after the mid note. I'd expect -100ms to over compensate to the point of the trigger being recorded 85ms early...

Any input would be highly appreciated!

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