[LAU] Places to acquire banks/instruments for Yoshimi/Zyn?

Will Godfrey willgodfrey at musically.me.uk
Thu Apr 9 14:46:34 CEST 2020

Hi David

>Good evening!
>I went to make some sounds today and discovered that somehow - in my 
>migration to a new laptop five months ago - that I lost a bunch of 
>banks/instruments. So I have two questions.
>Where to get more Yoshimi/Zyn instruments?

There used to be a lot of them on KVR, they are probably still there, but
they've reorganised the site since I last looked and I can't find them now.

Hermann's link is pretty good, but bear in mid some are individual instruments
and some others are inside 'foreign' wrappers. 

>I also copied a bunch of Zyn "banks" into Yoshimi's banks folder, but 
>they're all subfolders and Yoshimi doesn't seem to find them. How to fix 

I suspect what you did was to try to install a bank *root* as a bank.

From the main window you should go to 'Paths->Bank Root Dirs...'
This will open a window where you click on 'Add Root Directory' and this opens
a browser that allows you to add the new one to the list. Yoshimi will then
treat all subdirectores  as banks - provided they contain instruments.

>Along the way, I tried Zyn with its shiny zyn-fusion interface. Makes no 
>sense to me, although the ability to enlarge the window and make it 
>visible/usable on my 4K display is nice. Any ideas on how to convince X 
>to provide real high-rez fonts, or use scalable fonts?

This is something that has been under discussion for some time. It seems there
is a good chance that FLTK will release version 1.4 this year and this does
include scaling.


Will J Godfrey
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