[LAU] AMD Ryzen Processors for Linux audio

Moshe Werner moshwe at gmail.com
Thu Apr 16 15:54:34 CEST 2020

Hi everyone,

I am thinking of upgrading my audio PC/Laptop, and heard a lot of good
things about AMD's Ryzen series, specifically Ryzen 5 3600. But when
regarded pro audio work some people in the usual forums tend not recommend
AMD, because of latency issues.
Are there any Linux users successfully using Ryzen CPUs for low latency
If so what is your recommended setup?

FYI I'm using Manjaro XFCE on my laptop and Manjaro KDE on my desktop.
Audio interfaces are Motu 1248 and RME HDSP9652.

Would be great to hear your experience.

Best regards

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