[LAU] MIDI-controller treated as audio device

Michael Jarosch riotsound at riotmusic.de
Fri Dec 4 12:30:13 CET 2020

Am 04.12.20 um 12:12 schrieb David Kastrup:
> Hartmut Noack <zettberlin at linuxuse.de> writes:
>> Am 04.12.20 um 11:39 schrieb Michael Jarosch:
>>> My questions:
>>> How can I force my system not to handle the Korg as an audio but a MIDI
>>> device?
>> Your system(kernel) wont listen, I am afraid, you could only blacklist
>> the Korg, but that is stupid, because I reckon, you want to use it.
>> BUT you can tell Jack explicitly to use the HammerfallDSP as in:
>> jackd -d alsa -d hw:2 -p128 -n2
>> This commandline can be stored in $HOME/.jackdrc to serve as the default
>> for the start of jackd.
> To make this independent of discovery order:
> jackd -d alsa -d hw:DSP -p128 -n2
:~$ jackd -d alsa -d hw:DSP -p128 -n2
jackdmp 1.9.16
Copyright 2001-2005 Paul Davis and others.
Copyright 2004-2016 Grame.
Copyright 2016-2020 Filipe Coelho.
jackdmp comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY
This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it
under certain conditions; see the file COPYING for details
no message buffer overruns
no message buffer overruns
no message buffer overruns
JACK server starting in realtime mode with priority 10
self-connect-mode is "Don't restrict self connect requests"
Acquire audio card Audio0
creating alsa driver ... hw:DSP|hw:DSP|128|2|48000|0|0|nomon|swmeter|-|32bit
configuring for 48000Hz, period = 128 frames (2.7 ms), buffer = 2 periods
ALSA: final selected sample format for capture: 32bit integer little-endian
ALSA: use 2 periods for capture
ALSA: final selected sample format for playback: 32bit integer little-endian
ALSA: use 2 periods for playback

Okay, then I have to tell more about my system…

Unfortunately, I'm not using it on my own. My machine is also 
extensively used by my son and, surely, he is no friend of the command 
line. We use the wonderful Cadence to make everything just work after 
login (which includes watching youtube-videos via FIrefox and still 
getting the output over the highend soundcard and monitoring). So, 
Cadence is configured to start jack and deliver a pulseaudio bridge. And 
there must be the problem, cause everything works, as long as the Korg 
isn't plugged in at startup. Otherwise, I (or he) have (has) to launch 
jack via commandline. (I could tell him not to plug the Korg, until 
everythings up, but I thought t here could be something to do which 
makes the  problem just go away…)


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