[LAU] [music] Plagiat - #MCOB - #InLiveConditions oriental meshuggah hip hop tang!

ORL - AMMD orl at ammd.net
Thu Dec 10 11:04:33 CET 2020


We juste realized a new song, recorded in video, as usual, in 
#AlmostLiveConditions, but this time we didn't had the director's cut, 
neither the platform on which it's been dropped:

or in audio only:
Everything is CC4.0-BY-SA

It's a live recording, we do use a FLOSS setup online including:
- Ladish / Gladish,
- zynaddsubFX,
- SooperLooper,
- Non-mixer,
- seq24 (our self patched-version),
- x42-fat1 microtonalized version,
- many plugins: calf, swh, tap, caps, invada...
- ecasound,
- mididings (as our main control piece),
- tapeutape (a sampler which is not developped anymore),
- calfjackhost,
- Open Stage Control,
- Pedalboards (teensy code to get an osc pedalboard)
You can find the setup here:

And for the recording, mixing and mastering:
- Ardour,
- LSP plugins.

Thanks for your attention.

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